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General Documentation and general syntax information when building flows



This idea is not very exciting, but would greatly help building flows.

When using flow, there is a lot of guess work, trial and error and just a general lack of information when creating a flow.

Also, the option to preview an output or test a step would be great.


For example, when creating a flow to email me when a new document is added to sharepoint, it is very difficult when first setting it up to understand that the file name of the attachment needs to specify a file type, it took me around 8 failed attempts at building, deleteing and reworking the flow to simply have it email me a file from sharepoint as the file path and website URL details are not intuitive.

It would be great to be able to 'preview' an output from a flow action so you can evaluate on a step by step basis if that step is working


I am sure more documentation on each type of action will be avaliable later on, but have contextual information and suggestions, would be really helpful.


Status: New