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General design suggestions for Power Automate Desktop - PAD

  • Custom skins (like VS Code)
    • Built in light/dark mode
    • Downloadable custom skins for the designer
      • For accessibility purposes of course. Not (only) to make it look cooler.
  •  Actions
    • Compact the actions menu to the left more
      • Tiresome to search for each action
      • Folds everything back to normal after search
    • Make them narrower in the designer
    • Make them more visible with clear borders, instead of the basic 2008 shadow effect
      • This is a work tool. It does not have to be beautiful - it needs to function and be effective
  • Saving
    • Dont show a popup every time i save, that i have to press "OK" to
  • Subflow menu
    • Right now its pretty annoying to work with on larger processes
      • Not enough room for all subflows
      • Scroll function is not acceptable
    • Maybe move to the right side, with the ability to close it

Not a rant - but hopefully some good ideas to make PAD even cooler to work with 🙂

Status: New