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Generate Daily Stand-Ups/Scrums

Idea: Generate and Automate messages for Daily Scrums/Stand-Ups

Description: have the flow create a custom message to send to slack depending on the input of the user. This would work exactly like how the Daily Stand-Up workflow works in Apple's Workflow app.

Workflow Design:

  1.  Write the header as Daily Stand-Up: [Today's Date]
  2. Create a user input which asks "What did I get done yesterday?" and save what the user inputs
  3. Create a user input which asks "What am I going to do today?" and save what the user inputs
  4. Create another user input to ask for "Do you have any RoadBlocks/Hold-Ups?" and this will save the input
  5. Then it will link to Outlook Calendar and output any meetings the user has for the day. 
  6. Finally it will form a message that can be sent out through Slack on the #general channel (if the user prefers to choose another channel or someone directly to message this to it should be that hard to swtich it so I am not worried about that), and if not slack atleast send an email with these message contents to whoever the team chooses

    Expected Outcome:


    Daily Stand-Up: 10/24/18
    What did I get done yesterday?
     - Worked on setting up the environment
    What am I going to do today?
     - Linking Servers
    Do you have any RoadBlocks/Hold-Ups?
     - Nope
    Meetings for Today:
     - 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM Admin Meeting at Building A Room 201
     - 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM Dev Team Meeting at Building B Room 101

    I hope someone can find a solution to this. Thank you!

Status: New