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Generic trigger for completed Outlook tasks

The current trigger for completed Outlook tasks require you to select a specific task. This is quite unuseful.

I would like to have it triggered for any task that is completed, and then add steps depending on some task properties like a category or a substring of the subject for example.


I am creating flows to sync VSTS tasks with Outlook tasks. I am perfectly able to add a flow that adds tasks in Outlook for VSTS work items that are assigned to me. But I have difficulties creating a flow for syncing Outlook back to VSTS.

Status: New

I'm trying to switch from Wunderlist to the new Microsoft To-Do (which uses Outlook Tasks storage so the Outlook Tasks connector works with it). I thought this switch was going to be great since I had seen before that Outlook Tasks had a completed task trigger. But as it turns out, it is COMPLETELY USELESS. I don't know who would ever need a trigger on completion of a specific task. That trigger would only be useful once. And you don't automate things that are only going to be done once.


I hope this gets fixed soon. Outlook Tasks integration is nearly useless in this state.


Above commenters are exactly right, useless until fixed... how would you even write up a use case and implement this without realizing that it makes no sense to have a trigger for a one time action.


It should instead trigger on *ANY* completed task, perhaps with constraints, and read the details of the task (perhaps get that vsts ticket id out easily) and then flow on to some action goodness (perhaps close that vsts ticket).



Thanks! Keep us posted!

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Any update here?

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Looking for update on this Trigger