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Get Emails from Shared Mailbox

I would like to receive all mails (or limited by a filter query) from a certain folder in a shared mailbox (Outlook 365).

in General: I think all functions that are possible for personal mailboxes should also be available for shared mailboxes.


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Any updates on this?

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This will be very helpful. Any updates on this?

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Didn't see any news. If you can, promote this idea so that we receive more Kudos and the priority is raised for the developers 😉

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I agree, reading shared mailboxes should be possible, we have a multitude of different shared mailboxes we use as helpdesks with multiple users dipping into these it would be good to atomate some of these processes. 

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This feature is desperately needed. The technology is there already in "Get Emails (V3)" Action. Please add it also for Shared Mailboxes. It will allow so many useful process improvements like improved mailbox monitoring by e.g. creating HTML-based reports of e.g. unread emails, automatic archiving of emails with "Complete" flag, etc.

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Agree with the other posters - getting emails from shared mailboxes is a must have.


Many organisations work from shared mailboxes, by being able to get the items (and their attributes) you can then look at interactive dashboards that monitor and report on the status of the mailboxes in near real-time. making it harder to miss that order, or service request.

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How is this not a thing yet?