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Get Error code in flow

Following the changes to error handling, im trying to send a email containing the error status and message.
I do receive a message when the flow fails, but how do i include the failure information in that email ???

Previous request:



Results: "Status: , Source: , Message: "

Those 3 values are empty.... So now i can trigger an action if there is a failure, but there is no way to know what failed, no error code and no error message.

How can i get the error message and error code and trigger a different action in flow depending on the error code ??
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Advocate II


This expression should help - actions('<Name of the action>').error.message

Advocate IV

It looks like MS has changed the error reporting method recently and I am able to pull the detailed error message from an action with

body('<action name>')['errors']

. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out a way to make this statement dynamic - you have to reference a particular action (can't use variables or nested statements).