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Get Flow Runs as Admin


Can you please add the 'Get Flow Run as Admin' as soon as possible? I would like to see when what Flow has run and who kicked it off if that applies.

We would like to establish better governance around Power Automate and would like to distinguish between Personal Flows and Departmental Flows. Personal Flows we would leave in the default environment, but the departmental or organizational Flows we want to move to one of our Production environments and bring them under IT-Governance to make sure they keep on running even when an owner would leave the company.

Looking forward to hear what other think...



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Resolver III

There already is a 'get flows as admin' I believe, though the one Parameter that's not possible to get, is the last succesfull/failed runs.Only last modified, which won't help much here. You got my vote!

New Member

Yes, this is required for governance. We need to be able to extract flow runs using Power Automate and/or with PowerShell.