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Get Image or image content from Excel

Hi Team,

can we get images from excel ..?

Means as of now we can able to read excel field values(fields/rows ) but not images … by any chance we can get images that are presented in rows using MS flows …? if this is implemented this is really useful for many customers.

There are many applications can download data in to Excel, but can not read excel(images) to insert in to other database.

Oh Yah we can convert target format like this Int(Compose('output')), but I can not convert image in to any to get and update.

Let`s say we have data in excel, as per the requirement we can read and insert in to SQL table, but not images that are present for a field values. 

Yes, We are facing the same challenge now, if MS FLOW team can work on this really helpful for many customers.


Murali krishna

Status: New

Hey friends,


Wondering if you'd like to try out the new "Run script" action of Excel Online (Business), where you can actually run Office Scripts to:

  • Retrieve images from Excel as base64 encoded content then pass to the next action in Power Automate
  • Or pass in some base64 encoded image content to create an image in Excel


For example, this is an action to retrieve an image from Excel then pass to the next action to update a SQL table:



You'll need to first create the "Get image" script in Excel Online. Here is one sample script that can be used here (imaging there is an image named "Picture 5" on "Sheet1"):

function main(workbook: ExcelScript.Workbook): string {
  let shape = workbook.getWorksheet("Sheet1").getShape("Picture 5");
  return shape.getAsImage(ExcelScript.PictureFormat.png);


Here are a few links that might be helpful to learn more about the new Run script action and Office Scripts:


And a few Office Scripts API that might be helpful here:


Hope this helps!