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Get Items SharePoint List - Add support for filtering using Checkbox field type

Please add Odata filtering support for Yes/No field types in SharePoint lists using "Get Items". This is presently not suppported.





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Alternative solution: convert the sharepoint filed to int()

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I've been working with this today.  It seems that using the integers 0 and 1 serve as the no/yes respectively.  Try this!


I just did this rather complex statement, and the results appear to be right.




Quality_x0020_Appvl eq 1 and Oper_x0020_Appvl eq 1 and Oper_x0020_Appvl eq 1 and Acct_x0020_Update eq 0 and Modified gt '@{addHours(utcNow(),-48)}'



This statement uses four SP yes/no columns.  It checks their condition and if it was modified in the last 48 hours, and returns that set of items.  It looks to be working perfectly.  No need to change the SP column to integer nor make any enhancement to the system.



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@martinav I had to go three pages deep in Google to find your post...  You are the ONLY one to have sorted this out from what I can see.   Even official MS responses say "not supported".



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@DaveHepler ,


I think I got lucky on this one.  Trial and error with a trace amount of experience pays off every now and then.  Glad you got yours working.