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Get Last Day of a Month

We need a function to get in a simple way the last day of a month.


Today I do this by using below functions and works, but is so complex:


"@adddays(concat(add(int(formatDateTime(utcNow(), 'yyyy')),if(equals(formatDateTime(utcNow(), 'MM'), '12'), 1, 0) ),'-',add(int(formatDateTime(utcNow(), 'MM')),if(equals(formatDateTime(utcNow(), 'MM'), '12'), -11, 1) ),'-01T00:00:00Z'),-1)"


A function like startOfMonth would be amazing.




Gustavo Moraes

Status: Under Review

This is a great idea, thank you!

Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Under Review

This is a great idea, thank you!



We have a use case for this to present to our customers.

When can we expect this change to rollout?

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There is now a startOfMonth function. To get the last day of the current month, you can simply use:




This adds a month to the current day, jumps to the first day of the next month, then subtracts a day to be at the last day of the current month.

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Big thanks to @leep 

The formula you posted is exactly what I needed to calculate the end of the month.  Thank you!!!  😊