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Get Planner Task Comments

Currently, the "Get a Task" block is able to retrieve "assigned user", "completed user", "task bucket" etc.., but is not capable of retrieving Comments added to the task. I have a requirement to consolidate all the tasks in my team-group and report past due tasks. Would be really informational for the contributing members, if the "Comments" can also be retrieved and presented in the email for the team.

Status: New
New Member

This would be a great step forward, next it would also be a big help to be able to post a comment from a power automate flow onto a card 

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would love to have this data

New Member

I fully support the idea to make the comment field retrievable. And maybe, as an additional idea, - a bit off-topic here, but connected - allow creating tasks that contain links, to e.g. documents.

New Member

2022 and yet here we are.... just a simple request.

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In our company this implementation would also be highly appreciated!

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