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Get Planner Task Comments

Currently, the "Get a Task" block is able to retrieve "assigned user", "completed user", "task bucket" etc.., but is not capable of retrieving Comments added to the task. I have a requirement to consolidate all the tasks in my team-group and report past due tasks. Would be really informational for the contributing members, if the "Comments" can also be retrieved and presented in the email for the team.

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I also would like to be able to retrieve comments field from Planner, as well as notes field. I am experimenting using Planner as a daily shift handoff. I have notifications being brought in to Planner and creating tasks but am trying to set up a Planner task summary and want notes and comments to be able to be added as an available field so that at a glance we can see what open tasks we have and what the status of those tasks are.

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Yes, this should really be made available. Should not be that difficult and is highly inconvenient offering a data entry field that then cant be leveraged to other MS tools 

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I dont understand why this is not yet available, a quick search shows this has been a request from many users for quite a while now. 

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I am eagerly looking to have this available as I am looking into developing a bi-dir task integration between D365 and Planner Tasks.  


PLEASE - implement this ASAP

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It seems a bit pointless having a critical field for traceability that cannot be easily reported on...