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Get Planner Task Comments

Currently, the "Get a Task" block is able to retrieve "assigned user", "completed user", "task bucket" etc.., but is not capable of retrieving Comments added to the task. I have a requirement to consolidate all the tasks in my team-group and report past due tasks. Would be really informational for the contributing members, if the "Comments" can also be retrieved and presented in the email for the team.

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I also would like to be able to retrieve comments field from Planner, as well as notes field. I am experimenting using Planner as a daily shift handoff. I have notifications being brought in to Planner and creating tasks but am trying to set up a Planner task summary and want notes and comments to be able to be added as an available field so that at a glance we can see what open tasks we have and what the status of those tasks are.

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Yes, this should really be made available. Should not be that difficult and is highly inconvenient offering a data entry field that then cant be leveraged to other MS tools 

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I dont understand why this is not yet available, a quick search shows this has been a request from many users for quite a while now. 

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I am eagerly looking to have this available as I am looking into developing a bi-dir task integration between D365 and Planner Tasks.  


PLEASE - implement this ASAP

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It seems a bit pointless having a critical field for traceability that cannot be easily reported on...

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Planner would be much more useful if you could add this feature. Going back to Trello and Zapier.

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This feature would be a game changer, seems such a major oversight not to be included as standard 

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I do not understand why it isn't already a part of it since the data is there. What use is it if it is not accessible for automate, sharepoint or anything?  Having to go into each planner task to see each comment is a major time waste when it should have been available to begin with.  I agree with Starpiter.  This issue was a major oversight to not have the comments and notes as a standard.

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Basically we'd like to implement a mail-to-task interface, which


  1. creates tasks for incoming emails,
  2. tracks updates for replies in comments


As a user I'd like to track incoming IT-related email-replys coming from a ticketsystem inside the comments of a task. Tasks are identified by the ticket number, which is taken from the subject of an email and matched with the same number included in the title of a task.

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It doesn't make sense not to have the "Comments" a retrievable field.  Until this is fixed I'm unable to integrate Planner into our operations.  Please address!