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Get SharePoint share folder/file/item link

Make it possible to get a share link URL for a folder or file in a SharePoint document library.  

Status: Completed
Advocate IV

Currently there is a connector for OneDrive that allows for creating share links on files:

sharing link.png


I think it would be very useful to have the same functionality available in SharePoint.  We're using SharePoint connectors to move files around during workflow, and it would be useful to have a mechanism to set grant permission to the file when the reviewer receives the approval email.  

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Thank you.  Obviously I have no idea what I'm doing.  I do a little but not much.



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Advocate I

No doubt this functionality is key. Today it is already possible to find for the onedrive, but the connector does not work for sharepoint online.

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This is available for SharePoint now. However, it only scopes anonymous and organisation. It would be good to have support for individual users too (request from my customers).

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Status changed to: Completed
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What about a share link for a list item?

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Please also add an option for specific people!

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@slittle, I agree! Linking to list items would be very helpful!

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yes please specific people