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Get SharePoint share folder/file/item link

Make it possible to get a share link URL for a folder or file in a SharePoint document library.  

Status: Completed
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No specific people? That's dissapointing. 

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In SharePoint, I'm looking to create links in a library to documents in other libraries. As a manual step this is quite tedious and requires multiple steps from 'copy link' on the actual document to then navigate to links library and 'create new link' etc...


A 'copy to as link' option would be ideal 😊


Can I create a flow which will copy the link to a document in one library and create a new link item with that url in another library

I've tried this 'sharing link to a file ...' connector but I'm stumped with simply selecting the current 'item id' (I expect a user to trigger this flow manually), and then creating a new link with the copied url in the destination library