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Get/Update/Delete Event & Get Events on Office 365 Groups Connector

According to the documentation available at, the new Office 365 Groups connector offers the option to create a group event. However, I miss the option to Get/Update/Delete Groups Event, and also the option to Get Events.

Please note that in Office 365 Outlook connector (, all these actions are available

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New Member

i work for a volunteer organisation and we use group calendar to share events informations. we need to be able to update or delete events in the group calendar easily as we would in a regular outlook 365 calendar. 


please implement this as soon as possible. This is crucial for us. 


I would really like to use Power Automate to grab events from my team’s Office 365 Groups calendar and take action on them, but the existing connector for Groups doesn’t support retrieving events, the Outlook events connector won’t take a calendar ID for the Groups calendar, and using the web API connector to call Graph seems too complicated for what should be pretty straightforward.

New Member

Group calendars are used more and more often these days to share events among members. Complete the rest of the actions for the Office 365 Group Connector is very important! Please consider to implement Get/Update/Delete Groups Events!!!

New Member

It would very helpful to have an action to retrieve calendar view of events and a event trigger for create/update/delete Group events.

New Member

I have the exact same issues as all the people above, trying to delete a group calendar event when annual leave request is cancelled. Using flow to add to the calendar automatically when approved, but currently having to go in and delete them manually if cancelled. Please add update/delete options for this!!  

New Member

Ditto on the above. Could really use this!

Regular Visitor

Would be fantastic to have this capability added to Group Calendars as it is creating much confusion in my organization.

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Same here, for now I'm going to implement API call for this feature, but this MUST be a basic functionality.

New Member

Is this seriously not solved? At least I couldn't find a trigger that would delete/update the group event. 

How can I actually build a trigger to create an event and not think about it straight away that this could get updated/deleted. Which is such a common thing with events. 


But even if this wasn't thought through at development stages it should not take 5 years to resolve such a  simple but important feature.


Does anybody was a work around? We would like to use this for holiday requests and nobody would like to update every change manually. 

Regular Visitor

Common please we need some infos.