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Get VSTS work item attachments and linked items and add them to an email

The ideal goal would be to be able to get a collection of the attachments and/or linked code items from a VSTS work item and attach them (zipped or individual) to an outgoing email where the email's "To" field would come from a custom field in the VSTS work item.


The use case would be the following:

1) Creation of a new custom work item type in VSTS (Transmittal) with a custom field speficying the desired recipients (Addressees or similar) and a custom state (Ready for Transmitting)

2) User creates a new instance of the Transmittal work item (State = new) and attaches various files to it and/or links existing code items to it.

3) User sets the work item's state to Ready for Transmitting.

4) Microsoft Flow kicks off to roll up all of the work items attachments and linked code items as a zipped attachment (or individual attachments) to an outgoing email.

5) Microsoft Flow sends that email out to the recipients specified in the Transmittal work items Addressees field.

6) Microsoft Flow updates the work item's state from Ready for Transmitting to Closed.

Status: New