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Get a count from SharePoint list

Would be nice to be able to gather a count of items in a SharePoint list with a certain status, or category, etc.  Or be able to use the count related to send information.

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I am 100% agree with you

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HI @mwenn1 and @CLetona


There is already a method to do this.
In the print below i use a GetItens with filters and a Compose after this. in the Compose you should use this text : "@length(body('PegarAprovacoesPendentes')?['value'])" where the text in red is the name of your GetItens action.




I hope I have helped, if you need more can call me.


Best Regards,


Gustvo Moraes

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Thanx a lot Gustvo!!!

Did work for me. Needed this solution!


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Perhaps it's just me but i still don't understand the solution... can someone please elaborate for me.

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What happen when the result of "getItems" has more than 100 items? Any advice?

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Hi @yayala.


You can change the maximun count in SharePoint get itens, i think that the limit is 1000. I change this and work, look at this pictureFlow1.png


After this the action get all results existing in my list: 







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What if the count is around 3000 and keeps growing?


Would flow willl be able to handle the list of items with count of 10000+

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You can actually get the count via a SP Rest call to the /ItemCount endpoint:


Getitems will work, but you'll hit the SharePoint item limit and return a lot of unwanted data.  Since this call only returns a number, it has a quick response.