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Get all fields from VSTS

All Work Item fields from Visual Studio Team Services don't show up in Flow. Here are the fields that are available.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 09.12.49.pngScreen Shot 2017-05-24 at 09.12.57.pngScreen Shot 2017-05-24 at 09.13.01.png


This is the flow we try to achieve:

A work item is created -> send an email to the email address specified in a Work Item Field.


When we create a new Work Item, we have a field called "Follower", which contains an email-address. We want to send an email to that email address just to notify them that the work item has been created.



Right now we can't find a solution for that, since no custom work item fields are showing up. Or could we achieve this in some other way?

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There is a possible workaround for reading custom fields which I found. Following steps might help, 


  • Add a new Data Operations - Compose Action after the VSO action for when the VSO item is updated. 
  • In the input for the compose action, put "@triggerBody()['fields']?['<Name of the Custom field>']". Make sure to use "_" instead of "." in field names e.g. instead of Microsoft.VSTS.Common.ClosedDate, it would be Microsoft_VSTS_Common_ClosedDate. 
  • Use the Output from this compose action in the next action (e.g. email) and it should give you the value of the custom fields from VSO. 

This worked for me for custom fields as well as other VSO fields, which didnt show up in the list. 


Hope this helps.


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Unfortunately this didn't work for me. When I included the version as indicated  




I get the error (whole flow error, appears at the top)

Unable to fetch - "> Unable to fetch


when I got rid of the ? I get an error in the actual Compose step:


InvalidTemplate. Unable to process template language expressions in action 'Compose' inputs at line '1' and column '2124': 'The template language expression 'triggerBody()['fields']['VRAgile_ChangeAreaOwnerTeam']' cannot be evaluated because property 'VRAgile_ChangeAreaOwnerTeam' doesn't exist, available properties are 'System_AreaPath, System_TeamProject, System_IterationPath, System_WorkItemType, System_State, System_Reason, System_CreatedDate, System_CreatedBy, System_ChangedDate, System_ChangedBy, System_Title, Microsoft_VSTS_Common_StateChangeDate, Microsoft_VSTS_Common_Priority, Microsoft_VSTS_Common_Severity, Microsoft_VSTS_Common_ValueArea, System_Description'. Please see for usage details.'.


If I query the work items using Powershell - Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client.Query to get the list of fields I can see that the ReferenceName for my field is correct VRAgile.ChangeAreaOwnerTeam. 


Any idea's on how I can get this to work?


Hi Since I last posted the idea, I think the working of the expressions has changed. I think the only properties shown are exposed. I had to change the way I consume the information too. I think there is an enforcement right now of the fields exposed, which was added. 


One way to work around this issue is to build a simple HTTP service, which can be called through the flow. the HTTP service can talk to the VSO instance and get the required values. The other option is to try and submit an idea for getting access to all fields as earlier. 


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This seems to be a dead thread but I'll drop some info anyway.  I was trying to create a new work item in VSO from a new item added Sharepoint List trigger.  Unfortunately, it didn't list all the fields from my PBIs.  I was attempting to use the "other fields" section, but no matter what I put in there it would fail.  Here's how I fixed it.


1. Download Visual Studio - you can use the community version
2. Download the TFS Process Template Editor extension

3. Open Visual Studio and link to your project

4. Then "Tools" -> "Process Editor" -> "Work Item Field Explorer"

  • You will need certain permissions for this.

5. Find your field in this section and grab the "Reference Name" 

  • For me this was "Microsoft.VSTS.CMMI.Justification"

When completing this process, I was unable to find the custom field that I really wanted, but I added the included "Justification" field to my PBI and renamed it to "Requirements," which is what I wanted.


I was able to create a new item and populate the fields I wanted.


Hope that helps!