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Get field value from another list using common column value as same in SP designer workflows


In SharePoint Designer we can set any field value from different list Field(Set Field  in current list Action in workflow) if we have any common column both list,


So how can we do the same in "MS FLOW" 

In short i want to set any filed from any other list Field  if we have any common filed value which present in both list


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this sounds a bit like a Vlookup feature using a sharepoint list, doesn't it 🙂

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Could you not just do this with the SharePoint - Get item and SharePoint - Update item actions in Flow?

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You can do this with an Odata filter on the second list to lookup/filter the value, then update the first list with the result.


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I don't know anything about Odata filters.  @pathomson an example snippit of your odata filter would be nice.

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The OData Filter is found by clicking to see more options on the SharePoint "Get Items".

The query is  Title Eq 'Sector'

Title is the name of the column in the SharePoint list I want to look up and Sector is the data from the previous SharePoint list (the one I want to match). In the example, I am taking the value from a Form.

Then I update the first SharePoint list with the value returned.

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 7.00.01 PM.png