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Get files properties (on premises) not giving identifier - SharePoint (On-premises) data gateway

The following SharePoint triggers do not give a File Identifier (A file Identifier is usually a must for the following steps to identify the exact file that was affected and do operations with it):


- When a file is created (properties only)

- When a file is created or modified (properties only)

- Get file (properties only)

- Get files (properties only)


These Actions above do retrieve the File Identifier when using SharePoint online, but if you use the On-premises Data Gateway to connect to a private SharePoint server, these actions don't retrieve a File Identifier from it. The only current work around is to use one of the following actions:


- When a file is created in a folder

- When a file is created or modified in a folder


However, these actions only work for a particular folder (e.g. the Root folder of a Document library). They do not work if the library have subfolder (i.e. you will need to create separate flows for each subfolder you have, if you would like to have all of them covered by your flow).


Why is this restrictions in place? Could you fix / add the File Identifier to the output of the Action when using On-premises Data Gateway?

Status: New