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Get, fill, compare data from SharePoint List Choice / Peope Column with multiple selections allowed

Even though there are some posts scattered about (parts of) this request. I wanted to post this idea as an overall idea regardless of the type of column. Microsoft Flow should be able to get, update and compare data of columns that can have multple selections allowed (Choice / People etc). 


The scenario that I'm looking for is to look if an item in List A has a selected option in Column1 (single and/or multiple Choice Item / Person) and get all items in List or Library B where (the same) Column1 (single and/or multiple Choice Item / Person) has also selected one or more of the selected options in List A Column1.


At the moment the workaround is to have a Single Line of text in Library B where the applicable options are typed text.

In Flow I added the Filter in the Get items step: 

substringof('@{triggerBody()?['Column1']?['Value']}',Column1TextSingle) and substringof('@{triggerBody()?['Column2']?['Value']}',Column2)

Status: New