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Get replies to message thread in Teams


If you can get message threads in Teams, why can't you have a new feature to get replies too?


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I recently posted the following question to the community:


I was looking for a way to capture the initial post made on Teams when an agent fills out an integrated Microsoft form and a flow pushes the response as a post to Teams and the flow creates a SharePoint list record. I also wanted to capture the replies to the initial post within the list record. This process would enable the business to not only retain the post in Teams in accordance to the organization's retention policy but it would also allow us to back-up the the information in SharePoint list records if the need arises to go back and review old records. Please consider this idea for future development. 


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Sergio Mayorga 


Best Regards,


Sergio Mayorga

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Hi @SJMayorga  - I think I managed to achieve the missing link, I've written a quick linkedin post about it.  Sorry I havne't managed to reformat it into a full tutorial, life's too busy lately.

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This is needed without hacks for microsoft graph.  A lot of organizations are not set up in a way that makes it easy for Power Automate users to get the permissions needed to use Graph.  Replies are a baseline feature for working in Teams.