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Get the text from an email instead of the HTML content

We use Yammer groups which are embeded into SharePoint sites.

This provides a nice central point for all Announcements/Discussions which we then embed across a multitude of sites.


I'd love to be able to use Email as a way to give priviledge contributors an easier way to contribute to the respective Yammer Groups.  At this point, while the Flow does it's job and inserts the Body of the email into the Yammer post, it does so as HTML tags, rather than HTML Content.


Please let us choose how to format the body of the email when passing on the email action to another action.

Status: Completed
Level: Power Up

I notice the new approval flow email comes automatically formatted, with new comments pop-up after you've approved or rejected, very nice.

Level: Powered On

wrong column

Level: Power Up

Is there a way to filter out from the actual email body, the email signature? Some people have a lot of stuff after the email body, like signature, title, and some big paragraph about the company. I don't really want that to be saved in the flow, but somehow I can't see how I can filter it out?