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Google Drive Trigger when file created

Google Drive is much faster, easier and integrates into more places than OneDrive does.  So we use it for files that are used often.  This being said, there are no TRIGGERS for Google Drive in Microsoft Flow.  You need to have at least a TRIGGER for when a file is created.  


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Think of this from a Microsoft point of view..... OneDrive is Microsoft, i doubt they will but time and money into making connections for GoogleDrive when they dont own Google!

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Yep, we need it.

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Yes, need it as well. Zapier has these connectors, why doesn't flow?

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We need this as well. Our company uses the Microsoft ecosystem, but one of our business tool integrations requires us to use google sheets/drive. Our goal is to have that automated process (which includes a new file being added to google drive) to trigger a flow that copies that file to our Sharepoint site where we store data and share it with our clients.

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Yes  @Anonymous I understand from Microsoft's point of view but in this world, we have to have more open systems because Company X uses Google and company Y chooses Microsoft.  Google has chosen to play well with others while Microsoft has become more like Apple and wants to be an island in and of itself.  With that mentality, Microsoft is dying. Microsoft is no longer producing superior products.  As I stated in my original post Google Drives is more reliable than OneDrive.  And even though OneDrive is Microsoft it doesn't work well with their own Power Automate either.  There is so much missing in OneDrive as well as Power Automate.  The only reason I use it is because it's included with the Office bundle and I cannot afford $30 a month for Zapier.  So.  I fully understand Microsoft wanting to make money selling their own products but as long as they keep their Apple closed mindset, they will die and Google will be the only option.  I don't like not having options.  Most developers don't.  If they want us to use OneDrive instead of Google Drive then they need to FIX it and stop causing problems with it.  OneDrive throttles everything I do.  I cannot even do a nightly backup of my files without being throttled.  Google problems.  OneDrive crashes often, breaks their API and forces third parties who develop products to work with OneDrive to cease functioning.  I  Maybe Microsoft should think more about how their products perform and build superior products rather than just trying to force us all into their substandard bucket!

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@JustinSimmons  Zapier is definitely a superior product than Power Automate.  I just can't afford their $30 a month price tag to do a couple of simple things.  Not everyone who wants to automate things is a business with a budget.  Some of us are just single moms trying to make our lives easier and can't afford $30 a month so we use Power Automate which is included in the O365.  😞  You would think Microsoft would want to make their product at least comparable to their competition so more people would choose Microsoft.  But, alas, their company ideology doesn't seem to understand that you need to compete with your competition in this world.  Maybe some day before I die they'll figure this out.