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Google Form Data Source

Allow Google Forms to be a data source. Allow trigger to be when a new row of data is added. 

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It will be great if we have Google sheets/ form add a row/ response, as trigger, and create a data copy on sharepoint, in that way, we can combine the Google form as public source data and Microsoft form as internal source data and modify the data on sharepoint list.

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any progress on the matter. this is a must. google form has much flexibility

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Google forms allows for file upload where as ms forms doesn't. MS flows needs to integrate with google forms - it's far better than ms forms.

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I don't know about better.  Each has it's own special little bits that make it hard to pick one over the other.  Google's file upload is limited to domain and or Google Accounts.  Meaning a user that's not in your org and that doesn't have a gmail/google account cannot use the file upload feature.  This limits the number of ways one can use the form .  Microsoft makes it easy to add If/Then functionality, they offer a much better labeling system (which is AWESOME when you're creating multipul page forms) and their forms pretty much integrate with all their other office products including Power BI.


Adding common forms like Job Applications would be nice for both Google and Microsoft to take a little more serious since these forms could almost be considered "Legal Records" that need to be maintained according to....  


I do agree however that flow and Google Forms should be capable of working together without useing Google Sheets...Course now that I think of it, it's all going to a spreadsheet or table at the end of the day so really it's more about where you're putting the information you're collecting and how you plan on putting it to work.