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Google calendar delete/update to O365

It would be great if any events deleted in my google calendar could be deleted in my o365 calendar. I don't understand why we can create events but not delete them. I see that the the google/o365 calendar delete actions are there. But when creating a flow with these actions it always fails.
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it would be nice if this feature will be implemented in the future. There are some people also on powerusres who have the same problem. It is not sufficient only to create an event but also to update/delete the same event througt Flow.

In the education sector we often have separate systems for time tables an so on. All these systems have calendars and these calenders have to be synchronized.

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Yes, it would be nice if events not only created, but updated, edited, or deleted were also updated, edited, or deleted on Google Calendar.  As this Flow exists, it is kind of worse than useless.  People update and delete events and meetings all the time and this Flow just leaves a trail of outdated and useless information on my Google Calendar. I'm turning this Flow off as it actually produces confusion.  I've seen other users asking if there is any way to get the calendars synced via Flow, but there doesn't appear to be.  

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I alwso want the feture where changes to Outlook calendar can be updated in the google calendar. Thank you.

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I am also wanting these actions set up (and working!) so that calendar events that are updated or deleted in Outlook get updated or deleted in Google calendar, and vice versa. We also need dynamic content for all calendar fields so that when updating events, everything gets updated. Thanks!

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The update and delete are the two actions not supported at this time and they are very critical for keeping our busy personal and business lives in order.


Please develop this ASAP!! Smiley Happy

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I just tested the sync flow because we need it at our company. I find it weird that deleted events are not synced. Basically renders the flow useless for us.