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Google calendar to Google Calendar All Day events

In the Create Event action, it won't allow All Day Events.  According to the Google Calendar API, can contains no time information, but the action is using start.datetime which requires the time information.


The incoming event only has the date, so it fails because it says the start date is too short (meaning it's missing the time information.


Please add the ability to add all day events in Create Event action.

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place the following expressions
Start time:
End time: 
formatDateTime(triggerBody()?['End'], 'yyyy-MM-ddT00:00:00-05:00')
make sure you replace -05:00 your timezone.
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That's OK as a workaround but it does not create an All Day event just a regular event between midnight and midnight. That gets treated differently downstream and surfaces in UI's differently.


The connector should be enhanced to allow the StartDate and EndDate to be called on the Google API as an alternative the the StartDateTime and EndDateTime perhaps switched by the length of the parameter passed in.

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In addition to being treated differently on Google and in UI's for various calendar apps, using the work around means you'll be adjusting that when daylight savings time starts and ends when you are located within one of those locations.