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Google drive - Delete file parameter with 'Folder path', 'File name'

I want to the parameters of 'Google Drive - Delete file' action to 'Folder path' and 'File name'.

for using with 'Google Drive - Create file'.


My scenario:

Copy a file from SharePoint documents to Google drive with overwrite.

my flow.

  1. Action 'Google Drive - Delete file' with target folder path, target file name.

  2. Action 'Google Drive - Create file' with target folder path, target file name, content.

  'Configure run after' with 'is successed', 'has failed'.



'Google Drive - Delete file' parameter is a file.1.png




and 'Google Drive - Create file' parameter is folder path, file name, and content2.png




I hope to have two parameter to 'Google Drive - Delete file' like Create file for build a flow more easy.



Yoshihiro Kawabata




Status: New