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Google sheets triggers

There should be triggers for Google sheets as there are for Sharepoint.  I was disappointed to find out that when I was trying to make a Powerapp, that Google Sheets can handle a lot more queries remotely than Sharepoint, which then drove me to using Google sheets.  Consequently I'm faced with the lack of ability to create flows for the items that Powerapps dumps into sheets.


There should be a trigger for when:

1. An item/row is created

2. An item/row is updated

3. An item/row is deleted

4. A value of an item is changed to certain values

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I was looking for this also, would be great for New Excel row  to O365 Calendar

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Have a trigger for when a new row is added to a google sheet.  Eg: we track orders in a google sheets document, when a new order is added could have a notice sent to the individual who picks the order.

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The dependency of having a table defined to be able to access rows in Excel is very limiting.  Sources auto-generated by other systems typically do not have a table defined and there is no action to define a table.

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Have "Google sheets: a row has been added" as a trigger

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This would be great for connect the apis