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Google sheets triggers

There should be triggers for Google sheets as there are for Sharepoint.  I was disappointed to find out that when I was trying to make a Powerapp, that Google Sheets can handle a lot more queries remotely than Sharepoint, which then drove me to using Google sheets.  Consequently I'm faced with the lack of ability to create flows for the items that Powerapps dumps into sheets.


There should be a trigger for when:

1. An item/row is created

2. An item/row is updated

3. An item/row is deleted

4. A value of an item is changed to certain values

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Looking to have a Trello board/ list created off a survey submission - ideally each row creates one card on the list appended after the column header

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It would be great to have a trigger for spreadsheets for when a new row is inserted. Where I am using apps on and offline that update spreadsheets by adding rows (such as Google Forms or ODK) it would be great to have a trigger that could be used to say generate an email or create an entry in a Sharepoint list.

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Currently using Zapier to create Trello Cards, triggered by a new line in Excel.


Would love to use Flow for this.

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Exactly what I'd like to do - Google forms stores data in a Google sheet. I'd like a new entry to trigger a new item to be added to SharePoint list. Thanks

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I need this trigger to add a new Trello card to a Trello board

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Zapier allows for this

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Me too, thi8s would be very useful

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Agreed, what if we want to update rows on an excel made form that doesn't contain tables? Makes me want to run to other automation workflow providers.

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Am I missing something? I'm currently trying to decide for my company between Flow, Zapier and IFTTT and something we need to be able to do is create/update a Trello card from a google sheet. I just watched the preview introduction video for Flow and it shows 'Create Trello card when new row gets added to Google Sheets' in the graphic on the video (video at 0:17), but I can't find that action anywhere, and it seems from this thread that it's not possible.