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Google sheets triggers

There should be triggers for Google sheets as there are for Sharepoint.  I was disappointed to find out that when I was trying to make a Powerapp, that Google Sheets can handle a lot more queries remotely than Sharepoint, which then drove me to using Google sheets.  Consequently I'm faced with the lack of ability to create flows for the items that Powerapps dumps into sheets.


There should be a trigger for when:

1. An item/row is created

2. An item/row is updated

3. An item/row is deleted

4. A value of an item is changed to certain values

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I agree!  No triggers for google sheets??


Weak !!

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It will be great if we have Google sheets add a row, as trigger, and create a data copy on sharepoint, in that way, we can combine the Google form as public source data and Microsoft form as internal source data and modify the data on sharepoint list.

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Agreed! Flow is really nice and much more powerful, just missing the completeness that Zapier has.

A simple way to trigger on an updated files in Google Drive (via the modified timestamp) would work for it all (sheets/docs etc) and shouldn't be too hard to implement.


Please make this happen 🙂

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Zapier supports Google Sheet Triggers that I would like to see supported in Flow

  • New Spreadsheet Row
  • New or Updated Spreadsheet Row (Including update of specific field)
  • New Worksheet
  • New Spreadsheet
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Has this capability still not been added? Would love to have a trigger for google sheets at my fingertips.

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I think it's because Flow is basically accessing the offline google sheet, not the dynamic online one. So you might be able to trigger creating Trello cards etc, but that would involve you editing the offline google sheet manually. 

On the other hand, it seems Flow can access excel online so you could probably rig up a separate Flow to copy data from Excel online to an offline google sheet to achieve something vaguely dynamic...but you might as well just use excel online instead of google shees then 🙂

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I was hoping to use Flow but will have to continue using Zap because there arent any triggers for Google Sheets. Ugh.

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We'll never be able to migrate from Zapier until this is implemented.

I tried to use Zapier to build an automation so that when a new student enrolls in New Zenler (my course platform), then a new card is created in Microsoft Planner. Zapier has a connector for New Zenler, but not Planner. So I created a zap to add the enrollment to a Google Sheet expecting Power Automate to be able to use that as a trigger to create a card in Planner, but it can't.