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Google sheets triggers

There should be triggers for Google sheets as there are for Sharepoint.  I was disappointed to find out that when I was trying to make a Powerapp, that Google Sheets can handle a lot more queries remotely than Sharepoint, which then drove me to using Google sheets.  Consequently I'm faced with the lack of ability to create flows for the items that Powerapps dumps into sheets.


There should be a trigger for when:

1. An item/row is created

2. An item/row is updated

3. An item/row is deleted

4. A value of an item is changed to certain values

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It looks like Google tools can be used as actions, but not yet as triggers. I'd love to have a new row in a Google sheet trigger an action - such as copying data into a SharePoint list. That way we can use a public Google form to collect data that is then privately modified.

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Need a trigger for new row in Excel Online. There is an action, but no trigger. Zapier has this for both Excel Online, and Google Sheets.

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Google drive insert row trigger add new contact in gmail.

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Totally Agree

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Including a file is created on Google Drive as a trigger.