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Grabbing Specialized Fields from Microsoft Form Quizes

Within Flow, I would like to be able to obtain quiz information such as "Total Points". 


It would also be nice if I could programatically get at the stored data in the spreadsheet. The quiz results do not appear to show up in OneDrive. Feels like this resides in an inaccessible location.


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This is a basic requirement to me. thanks.

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A survey with marks associated against each question, but not providing a once-off result as a calculated field just shows a complete lack of business understanding on the part of the developers and program managers.

Now hordes of Flow developers have to go and grab question by question, and run an IF-statement against each question.

Not sure who the program manager is, but he/she should be booted out the door!

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It's a pity that Flow works only with Forms and less with Quizzes where grabbing total points would improve some automated tasks, so pleeeease help me do it 🙂

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My organization would like to be able to make use of the point values on each question and the total number of points scored in a Forms quiz and pipe them into other apps through Flow, similar to the way others here have also expressed. I would very much like to know if this is on a Forms/Flow development roadmap somewhere.

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Without a way to automate responses based on a final score, Forms Quizzes are a really nice feature without much function.


We're looking to use Forms and Flow (with Plumsail) to generate a filled PDF certificate (or "sorry, try again" response) based on the scores.  This simple "fix" would let us automate what is now a time-consuming manual process.  Users love Forms (like I've never seen with any other Microsoft product!) and want to build Quizzes.  Since we automate survey responses heavily with Flow, their first question is always around automation.  It's massively disappointing to say, "nope, not yet".  You know they're off to Google to fill that gap...users don't just wait for new features to show up.

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Requested in 2017 and today is 2019. Should i be optimistic that this feature will eventually be realised?

Also just read a recent post on Forms Pro and did not see this feature there either hence i wondering what sorcery are the ms forms team up to?

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Pls get us the possibility to grab the total score from a form with flow!


We would like to use this for internal education and an automated certification flow.

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I am yet to see this update from Microsoft, and have reverted to a rule of my own, where I compared the JSON of the correct template versus the JSON of the submitted response, and the run a comparison across the nodes to go calculate the result.

Sadly this is a serious oversight which only Microsoft can address, and I would suggest you add your voice to the list of growing requests for this functionality.

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Agree with the other comments -- being able to report on the percentage score or points total score is a must. Why is this not available? Ideally the email confirmation that (optionally) goes to the user would include their score. And the points/percentage would be available in Dynamic Content to write to SharePoint or other containers for reporting purposes. I work for a very large organization that could use this for employee training. This could be extremely useful but it's missing that last 10% of functionality. Bummer.

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This would be a fantastic tool if it wasn't missing this one function!

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