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Grabbing Specialized Fields from Microsoft Form Quizes

Within Flow, I would like to be able to obtain quiz information such as "Total Points". 


It would also be nice if I could programatically get at the stored data in the spreadsheet. The quiz results do not appear to show up in OneDrive. Feels like this resides in an inaccessible location.


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I don't understand how this feature is not already available. It is essential for creating useful flows in Power Automate.

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Everyone need this feature, please help to implement it!

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Agreed, went through all the trouble of creating a flow but I can't get Total Points - a bit frustrating if you use Forms to create exams. I really don't want to have to export excel manually every time since the rest of my process is automated (updating SharePoint lists and in turn Powe BI reports)


At the moment I export to Excel manually through Forms and then button start a Flow to do the rest - would love it all to be automated...

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Advocate II

How has this still not been implemented yet? Get on with it, Microsoft.

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When would this be considered, until then use Google Forms, sheets with script. 

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Any updates on this,  huge bummer and time jack that I can't access the points assigned through the MS Forms grading feature.  

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Agreed! Either to have quizes going to an online excel, or having flow to get the Total Points data

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Agreed, the quiz functionality is useless without this feature. Microsoft should not have rolled out or be communicating that they have quiz functionality if there's no way to grade it. I would not have wasted days and hours building a quiz in MS Forms and trying to figure out how to grade it had I known it was not possible.

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Why hasn't this happened yet?  This can't be that difficult to incorporate.