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Grabbing Specialized Fields from Microsoft Form Quizes

Within Flow, I would like to be able to obtain quiz information such as "Total Points". 


It would also be nice if I could programatically get at the stored data in the spreadsheet. The quiz results do not appear to show up in OneDrive. Feels like this resides in an inaccessible location.


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i second this idea

Level: Power Up

This "Total Point" is a fundamental requirement. We need to be able to set a Pass / Fail condition within the Flow after a user has submitted a Quiz.

Creating a [A,B,C,D,F] score would require nested Conditions, but If we can't see the "Total Point" value, this is impossible.  

Level 8

Yes please! we need the Total Points!

Level: Powered On

Yes, please.


Second needing to specify when user has passed or failed when adding them to a sharepoint list.

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This is absolutely fundamental requirement! there must be a way to pull the total points with Flow from forms.