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Grouping of flows

I want to grouping my flows for managing my flows.


Now, I have over ten flow, for some OMS alerts, some Weather reports, some Server Files, etc.

So, I need to search my eye, for target flow.


I hope to grouping / sorting my flows.



Yoshihiro Kawabata


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very nice! I need grouping too. Would be very nice to see the group on the flow-app on my phone.

Example: I have a group called "time tracking". Under this goup I have the flows "Start", "End", "Pause",...

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urgently needed.

I now have over 30 flows from several different projects

the biggest one will have 7 flows and I have backup versions as well

would love to organise lile in PLANNER

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join to the idea i need it urgently have 30 flows, around 12 projects

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Just doing some house-keeping as looked for the answer to this myself today as I have an ever-growing list of Flows - this was answered here:


Solution is to use 'Solutions' to group your flows together, they are similar to tags in that flows can exist within more than one Solution




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And also adding here the downside that I found to this - you have to create a solution and create new Flows unless your flows are CDS-based, any 'normal' Flows cant be picked up and need to be recreated..

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@iAm_ManCat - alas, Solutions doesn't work for SharePoint-related flows, so isn't much use for a great many flow users.  Also, Solutions seems to be a public platform, so again, DLP rules may dictate against its use.