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Grouping of flows

Good day, I work as a network administrator for my company and I am facing a minor inconvenience.


The issue: I create multiple flows that trigger on the same list, all of them have their own condition before they trigger. My problem is that I create flows for multiple departments and processes in my company. When they are all bunched up together under the "shared with me" tab it can become a mission to find the flow you need to edit if you have 20+ flows. I cant sort my flows at all as they get sorted automatically on how recent they were created or edited.


My suggestion: As mentioned, I create multiple flows for multiple departments and processes for my company. I think it would be an AMAZING idea if I could group all the flows that are for the same department or process in one folder under the "shared with me" tab and the other tabs. This would cut down on the time I spend searching for the right flow to edit when I notice something is missing or something is wrong with a certain flow.


This small quality of life adjustment will improve my life and fellow other users' lives who create multiple flows for all their various departments and processes.


I think this is a great suggestion,



Many thanks,

Status: New