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Handling variable indexing errors in PAD

There is currently no way to handle errors in Power Automate Desktop related to accessing collection variables (data rows, tables, lists, objects) regardless of the action being used. This occurs when accessing

  • a data row column with a column name/index that does not exist
  • a data table with a row index that is out of range or a column name/index that does not exist
  • a list with an index that is out of range
  • an object with a key that does not exist in the object

Neither of these errors can be handled in any way and will always stop the process with a flow error.

Here's a sample of doing it with a list of one item using index 1:


The On block error action should make it continue to the next action, but instead it throws an error (regardless of whether the On block error action is used or not):


The same happens in all of the other cases mentioned above. 


It would definitely make our lives easier if there was a possibility to properly handle these errors.

Status: New
Advocate III

This has actually been included in the December update of Power Automate Desktop and can be enabled on the ON BLOCK ERROR action:



More info on the update: