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Have the Id option in the action “Create item”

It seems a little odd that when you create a new item based on an item in a different list you cannot copy over the ID. This means that if you change the item in the master list you cannot reference the item in the new list to update. To get around views / permissions I want to use flow to create and update new lists based on conditions on that item when it is created in the master list. It is so close to working, just need to be able to copy the ID across.  This would then be a powerful and secure way of sharing items in a list based on filters etc. 

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I have a flow that once I create a master list item, it creates a task list item, and then notes what that ID is on the master list what the task ID is. But I want to do more to keep the two synced up (i.e. change the date on one, it pushes to the other). I'm unable to use the task ID field on my master list. The dynamic content list only allows me to use the current item's ID or put a specific known value in.


I'd like the ability to map to the id of an item based on that id being stored as a column in a different list. 


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This would be extremely useful.

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Yes this would indeed be useful, or else if the ID in Child List is going to remain different from the ID in Master List, then at least when we use the Get Item action we should be able to get the item in Master List that we want to update using some sort of Key field. Right now you can only get an item in Master List based on its ID field.

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I hope this comes out soon! We absolutely need it in several of our workflows. 

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A workaround might be to have your own "My_ID" column in the master list and child lists.


When an item is added to the master list, maybe generate a GUID or other large random number in some way that is unlikely to be duplicated ... 


... and set the default value in the master list "My_ID" to that.


Then using Flow, copy that over to child lists in the My_ID column default value when you want to create the association so you can join and link back to the original in the master list.


Of course it would be great if MS offered a column type that "just did it / it just works".


But MS is not an "it just does it / it just works" sort of company, is it?!

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It is a must have for dynamic Workflows to forward the Item ID of a newly created file or item to the following actions