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Have the ability to disable steps so Testing steps can be added

One of the things i loved in the previous WF engine, was to build a step that delayed 10 days, but in testing i could disable it, add another step, that would delay 10 minutes.  I am using calculated days for business days in my WF, and for testing i want to use minutes, so i don't want to delete my real WF objects, and replace with testing ones.  then when going live i can either delete the test objects, or disable them and re-enable the .'Real ones'.

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This is an excellent idea. Disabling workflow steps would be a great feature to have. I also used this frequently in the past when creating and testing new workflows.
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Absolutely need this. Flow is very inflexible for developers. You can't disable actions -- even simple things like sending an email message. It won't allow you to save unless everything is 100% perfect. If you turn a flow OFF for development, it will queue and run on everything as soon as you turn it back on. There's no version history. It puts my personal name on everything it sends to my business users. Run history is difficult to dig through. Etc..etc... Please make it better so my company doesn't abandon it.


This would really help to test only new changes in the flow. There have been a lot of instances where we just need to debug limited actions.

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Yes, the ability to comment out /disable certain steps would be wonderful. Also useful when designing different blocks of activities to figure out how to best solve the business problems.

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This would be such a great help during testing. 


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It's very important and urgent to have this ability. It's very bad to modify or add a whole step just for little test task. 

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If your action supports the static result setting you could use that feature to temporarily disable an action for troubleshooting.


Pieter Veenstra has written a nice blogpost about this workaround: