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Have when any file is moved into a particular folder in SharPoint be a trigger

I have a team site setup for my team. We have several folders that we use as part of our work flow in our interview and hiring process. As we complete different aspect of the interview and hiring process, their file is moved to a different folder so everyone can tell where a particular applicant is in the hiring process. For example, once their back ground is completed, we move their file to the "Extend offer" folder. Once they accept, we move them into the "drug screening" folder, etc. Having a trigger that goes off anytime a file is moved into a particular folder would be very helpful in this process.
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Hi Roger,

I think this is already possible via the Sharepoint connector for MS Flow - that is the 'when a file is created' option in the connector.

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I tried that and it unfortunately doesn't work. It triggers when a file is uploaded to a folder, or when a file is created in a folder, but it doesn't work if a file is moved from a different folder.
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We have a very similar use-case and a trigger when a file is moved would be very helpful! I have also tried to solve it with every trigger that is available but it does not work with file movements...

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Similar use case here, need to trigger actions when files get moved into a folder. Current triggers work for when the file is created directly in the folder, or modified, but not when a file is moved or pasted into the folder.