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(How to) Create Attachments with dynamic Folder-Path

I used the original Flow and added a path with variables, but now its not executed anymore. How can i do this properly?


I like to store attachments in /Attachments/From/Date. Is there any option to Test it without waiting for an email? I sent emails from my private acc but at the moment its not executed 😞


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Problem was the Time, it seems that it likes to add alot of information, not just Date and Time. Seems to be too long or with special chars. If i only add "From" then it works.


Idea: Make it possible to use Date and Time received the Attachment. Best is with option to choose between Day, Time, Day AND Time. In case you get 10 Attachments a day, it could then only create one folder per Day and if you want, inside this folder a folder per time.