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How to export and import flows in bulk

At present, export and import of flows can only be done one by one, so we would like a function that allows you to export and import all at once.

Status: New
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Yes, waiting for this feature to be incorporated. 
It will be a great addition.

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@SupportJP3 and @Ali_Nawaz and @buzzby 
The most suitable option for achieving at least an automated export of flows is the Microsoft 365 CLI.
See flow export for further reference in the official docs. You can bulk export flows as json or zip file.

npm install -g @pnp/cli-microsoft365
m365 login
m365 flow export --environment <environmentId> --id <flowId> --path './' --packageDisplayName 'FlowPackageDisplayName' --packageCreatedBy ''

Furthermore, there is an on-going discussion to create an "Import Flow" command on GitHub.

This Power Automate idea "Import flow via powershell" is related and shall be merged with this one?
Import flow via powershell