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I guess after the recent update, " Response " is missing from the " Start and wait for approval " Approvals card dynamic content. Instead, " Responses " is available." Responses " approval dynamic content keeps adding " Apply to each " step in my flow. Treat this with the highest priority.

As stated in the subject line above, kindly bring back the " Response " dynamic Content in Approvals card. Without this, it's implossible to create Sequential Approval flow as I used to, because " Responses " keeps adding " Apply to each " step in my flow. This has greatly impact our business. Someone should look into this as soon as possible.


Looking forward to your resolution in a timely manner.


Below is the a summary after speaking with a Microsoft support..


Hello Abdul Lateef,


Thanks for your time with us. It was wonderful working with you.


Issue : Start and wait for approval flow


Case Summary : 


  • We had a remote session and you explained that you are not able to get the “Response” as a dynamic content in the Flow you created
  • As discussed over the call recently there was a modification done to the Approvals Card and from then the dynamic content is coming as “Responses”
  • However we would request you to post this idea in the Microsoft Flow Ideas forum
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It puts it in an 'Apply to Each' step because it is now an array. This is not an issue. It's because now there may be more than one response. Just do what you need to do within the Apply to Each step or append to a string variable you initialise at the start of the flow.

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The apply to each works, but now we are limited to just a few sequential approvals. What use to work perfectly with "response" now has the "exceeds maximum nesting limit of 8" error. I could get away with over 4 sequential approvals, but now i keep hitting the maximum nesting limit.  

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This is the worst change in histroy! Thanks Microsoft.

I havent received any notification (Weekly digest) regarding this change with my O365 subscription.