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I want to be able to customize the display of SharePoint folder paths for dynamic content

The "folder path" of dynamic content displayed when using the SharePoint connector is always prefixed with "document" when written and sent in the body of an email.

We would like to customize this display.

This would expand the range of customization of Power Automate.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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@akiContosoo ,

Are your documents all stored in Documents library of that SharepointSite ? The "document" word is in fact the name of the library. 

If you create a library in the Sharepoint Site root and try to Get Files from that library with Get Files action the folder path property ('{FullName}') will be changed acordingly. 


Also, you can try to trim the word "document"  from the value property when you integrate it in email's body. 

Is that you want to achieve ?