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If e-mail arrives redirect it to different e-mail box (based on day of the week)

I have noticed there is no e-mail redirect option in microsoft flow. I have main incoming e-mail box and would like incoming e-mails to be redirected to different e-mail boxes depending on the day of the week.


Why is it helpful? Because incoming e-mails are tasks and each employee is responsible for certain day of the week. I want to redirect those e-mails to right employees depending on the day of the week they are responsible. I do not want forwarding because employees should receive original message with ability to reply to original sender and not me.


Basically I was surprized that there is no re-direct e-mail option.


For day of the week I am using condition with formula in advanced mode: @contains('45', string(dayOfWeek(addHours(utcNow(), -8))))

'45' means only thursday and friday.

Status: New