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If item equals Null

Looking to add the option to use flow to check if an item in a SharePoint list is existing or not, i.e. If item = NULL.

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Trying to set a condition that is true if RETURN DATE is blank so that if the return date field is blank, a reminder email is sent


Am I correct in thinking this will work?



RETURN DATE is equal to ""


Is "" the correct syntax for blank/empty string?

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I had exact same issue.  I was able to work around using the coalesce function listed in Azure's Logic Apps documentation.


Instead of checking for null, I checked if the date was greater than a date far in the past.  I wrapped the basic condition generated automatically by flow inside the coalesce function (you have to switch to advanced mode).  The coalesce function will not return a null.  If your date field is null it returns a "fallback" value that you set in the function.  Just set the fallback date less than the date in your condition.   In the example below I check to see if my ReceiveDate field is greater than 1/1/1991.  If yes then I send an email:


Basic condition: 

@greater(triggerBody()?['ReceiveDate'], '01/01/1991')


Advanced condition with coalesce function:

@greater(coalesce(triggerBody()?['ReceiveDate'],'01/01/1990'), '01/01/1991')