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Implement re-triggering of the flow while updating item in same list

I faced an issue while updating an item using a flow in the same list where the flow is configured to run on create or update. The issue is that the update by the flow re-triggers another unwanted flow execution. 


for now I have setup a temparory condition to check the ModifiedBy value, and if it is the account that I am using to run the flow then I am terminating it. This workaround is working for now but It would great if Microsoft implement this as a built-in functionality.

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Why has this not gotten any traction?  I've had to set a 'previous status' field in my list and have Flow check to see if the current status <> previous status in order to prevent flow from running again.  

Maybe there could just be a boolean field on the "Update Item" action that says, "Do not retrigger this flow."