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Implement reminder email option in start and wait for approval action

Create the ability to send Reminder email in flow approval action.  Further, please allow ability to set reminder email timeframe in days or hours.  I'm aware of workarounds which exist for this but would like the ability to send reminders (think of the old approval process in sharepoint 2010 style workflow) where we can easily craft reminder emails in the approval action and designate timeframe.

Status: New
Frequent Visitor

I wonder why this was not implemented from the very beginning. Please give us the option to send reminders out of the box so we do not have to implement workarounds in every single approval workflow.

Advocate III

Idea first raised in Nov 2016, in Mar 2017, again in May 2019, and again in Jan 2020.

Regular Visitor

You can do reminder e-mails, but it makes the flow way more complex.  You have to use a combination of Create an approval and Wait for an approval.  If you have multiple sections of approvers it makes the flow very long.  Please implement reminders by day or hour within the Start and wait for an approval section.  Please do this soon.  Also, we are on the GCC High.


Thank you,

Advocate I

Since the reminder is sent via email, it would be great if we could add a follow-up reminder to the Outlook email. Not as good as a full-fledged reminder, but maybe easier to implement in the meantime?