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Importing FAQs from SharePoint pages into Power Virtual Agents chatbots topics

Hello all,

Currently, many FAQs from different organizations within the company I work for are available on the Sharepoint pages, which require user authentication. And that's right, because the FAQs are designed to be accessed only by employees.

I created a chatbot using Power Virtual Agents and there is a feature that allows you to import FAQs from a public page, that is, which does not require authentication.

I wish I could import FAQs from SharePoint pages and I think many other Microsoft users have the same need.

I hope you can add that to your roadmap, because Microsoft product integration is Microsoft's most important sales pitch, and this kind of feature is something everyone would expect to be available when thinking about using Microsoft's PVA to deliver chatbots .

Thanks and regards.

Luciano Gomes

Status: New